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Archives: Whyte Trophy

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

2011 - Altona VIC

Team - BAV players in bold


Men: Glenn Warfe, Jeff Tho, Ross Smith

Women: Leanne Choo, Renuga Veeran, Victoria Na

Team Results

AUS v NZL 4-1

Full results of the Whyte Trophy:

MD: Glen Warfe/Ross Smith vs Oliver L-d/Kevin D-M = 14-21, 21-7, 21-15

LD: Renuga/Leanne Choo vs Amanda Brown/Stephanie Cheng = 21-7, 21-13

MS: Jeff Tho vs James Eunson = 9-21, 13-21

LS: Victoria Na vs Anna Rankin = 21-18, 21-12

MX: Glen Warfe/Renuga Veeran vs Kevin D-M/Stephanie C = 21-16, 21-19



Team - BAV players in bold


Men: Ben Walklate, Boris Ma, Chad Whitehead, Mark Prior

Women: Erica Pong, Erin Caroll, Eugenia Tanaka, Tania Luiz

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