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BAV Orange T-Shirt

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

This year's BAV Club shirt is supplied by Badminton RSL Products.

For those have taken their shirts and would like their name and BAV to be printed as well at the back of your t-shirt, please give your shirt back to me either on Wednesday or Thursday training at Doncaster and by this Sunday.

These following players have indicated that they wanted their name to be printed and the first 3 players have given back the t-shirts and their names will be printed at the top and “BAV” club at the bottom as follows (please check and let me know if I made any mistakes):

  • Jordan Yang (under 11) – name to be printed: Jordan. Y

  • Gloria Li (under 11) – name to be printed: Gloria. L

  • Bethany Li (under 11) – name to be printed: Bethany. L

  • Yee-Yuan Lim (under 11) – name to be printed: Yee-Yuan. L

  • Yaalini Kuhanandha (under 11) – name to be printed: Yaalini. K

Lenny Permana

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