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VJTC 2013: BAV Teams Reminder

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Hi all A reminder once again: there is NO TRAINING at Kilsyth this Sunday 2/6/13 due to the events.

WHERE MSAC (Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre), Albert Park

STARTING TIME Tournament usually starts at 8.45 am sharp, please be there at least 30 mins earlier to warm up (by 8.15 am).

FINISHING TIME All the age groups will be finishing around 4.50 pm follow by the medal ceremony.

ON ARRIVAL & TEAM MANAGERS Upon your arrival, please go to your designated courts and report to your team managers plus pay your entry fees.

UNIFORM BAV orange colour T-Shirt

COURT ALLOCATIONS, POINTS & HOW MANY TEAMS COMPETE (including BAV). Under 11 Playing 25 rally points (no setting); to be announced on arrival (will be on your team sheet) and 8 teams are competing.

Under 13 Playing 25 rally points (no setting); courts 3 and only 3 teams are competing. BAV TEAM U13 will have "bye" in first round and 2nd round start only around 11.40 am.

Under 15 Playing 25 rally points (no setting); courts 4, 1 & 2; 6 teams are competing.

Under 17 Playing 25 rally points (no setting); courts 5 & 6 and share court 9; 5 teams are competing.

Under 23 Playing 30 rally points (no setting); 8 teams are competing (BAV team 1 in GROUP B and BAV team 2 in GROUP A). GROUP A will use courts no 7 and 10 and group B will use 11 and 12.


  • Under 11 and under 23: 2 boys & girls singles, 1 doubles each and 2 mixed doubles.

  • Under 13 (as only 3 teams are competing): 4 boys and girls singles, 2 boys and girls doubles and 4 mixed doubles.

  • Under 15 and 17: 2 boys and girls doubles and 4 mixed doubles.

There are some last minutes changes due to injuries and a few pulled out, please have a look at below: UNDER 11 TEAM (3 boys and 3 girls) Boys: Austin Swamy, Gary Chau & Faris Truong Girls: Irene Chau, Elim Tai & Areni Haritharan

UNDER 13 (5 boys and 5 girls) Boys Enoch Tai, Ryan Venpin, Marcus Kong, Hayden Ting & Aaron Ng Girls Vivian Diep, Katrina Yang, Cynthia Zhu, Felicia Angelique Hendriato and Carmen Lim UNDER 15 (5 boys and 5 girls) Boys Darshand Gobinathan, Edward Ma, William Chau, Elton Zhang and Aathavan Kuhanandha Girls Samantha Lee, Nalini Kuhanandha, Jenny Ting, Kristina Yang and Anjali Haritharan UNDER 17 (5 boys and 4 girls) - there is substitute on the last minute due to the 5th player can't play (TBA) Boys Bambang Hadrisanto, Andre Zopf, Eric Qi, Simon Ou & to be announced Girls Joy Lai, Adriana Phan, Teresa Chan & Shona Li UNDER 23 team 1 (4 boys and 4 girls) - due to some injuries Boys: Ashwant Gobinathan, Matthew Chau, Athi Selladurai & Andrew He Girls: Victoria Na, Louisa Ma, Kashmira Gobinathan & Michelle Leung UNDER 23 team 2 (3 boys and 3 girls) - TBA one more boy Boys: Brendan Tang, Wilson Tang & one more Girls: Olivia Na, Rojini Selladurai & Kelly Venpin Looking forward to see you all on the day. Please prepare and rest well for the tournament.

Lenny Permana

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