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SEBA Junior 2013 Reminder

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Hi all

2013 Calendar Some players have asked me for 2013 calendar, and you can find the link from BV website. Click on "Events page" then "2013 Full Year Calendar". You can sort it and just choose on "Junior tournaments". It will show tournaments in 2012 first; but 2013 tournaments Junior tournaments is started on page no "3". SEBA this weekend (U9, 11, 13, 15 & 19) - under 15 & 19 selection events The schedules as listed on their entry form are as follows: Saturday 23rd March

  • U13: Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles

  • U19: Singles and Mixed Doubles

Sunday 24th March

  • U9: Singles and Doubles

  • U11: Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles

  • U15: Singles and Doubles

  • U19: Semi-Finals and Finals (if required)

Good luck to all our players who are going to play in SEBA this weekend. I am not sure when the draws will be out, but the link is:

Lenny Permana

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