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Well Done Ashwant, Louisa and Elizabeth!

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Congratulations to Ashwant Gobinathan and Louisa Ma for taking both Men's and Women's Singles titles at GOSEN Bendigo Open & Graded Tournament last weekend! Louisa met her own team mate and Rio-hopeful Joy Lai and played in three sets with the third set ending at 23-21. Ashwant, on the other hand, managed quite comfortably, winning the finals match in straight sets.

Also congratulations to Elizabeth Chong for winning the Women's Doubles in D Grade.

See the final results below:


Men's Singles Winner: Ashwant Gobinathan

Women's Singles Winner: Louisa Ma

Women's Singles Runner Up: Joy Lai

Women's Doubles Runner Up: Louisa Ma (& Louise McKenzie)

Women's Doubles Semifinalists: Joy Lai (& Vinning Mak)

Mixed Doubles Runner Up: Joy Lai (& James Audley)

Mixed Doubles Semifinalists: Louisa Ma (& Hung Pham)

D Grade

Women's Doubles Winner: Elizabeth Chong (& Estelle Hsin Tyan Goh)

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