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BAV Under 13 Girls Prove to be Dominant!

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

BAV's Irene Chau and Kaitlyn Ea stood out at the Victorian & Altona Junior Under 13 & 17 Tournament last week, with Irene taking the Girls Singles and Doubles title and Kaitlyn taking the Girls Doubles and mixed doubles runner up.

Here are the results of our BAV representatives:

Under 13

Girls Singles Winner: Irene Chau

Girls SIngles Semifinalist: Kaitlyn Ea

Boys Singles Semifinalist: Gary Chau

Boys SIngles Quarterfinalist: Joshua Ea

Girls Doubles Winners: Irene Chau (& Tiann Young)

Girls Doubles Runner Ups: Kaitlyn Ea (& Sydney Go)

Mixed Doubles Runner Ups: Irene Chau (& Rayne Wang)

Mixed Semifinalists: Joshua Ea & Kaitlyn Ea

Mixed Semifinalists: Gary Chau (& Sydney Go)

Under 17

Boys Singles Quarterfinalist: Elton Zhang

Boys Doubles Runner Ups: Elton Zhang (& Oscar Jap)

Well done team! Continue to train hard and do your best!

Photo from Western Suburbs Badminton Association

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