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Ross Audley - June Bevan 2017 Experience

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

The 2017 Under 17 June Bevan Trophy and the Australasian Championships held in Launceston, Tasmania, were a fantastic 10 days that were full of fun, team spirit, learning and experience. I learnt a lot from watching the better and more experienced players including how to always be ready for the shuttle, the best ways to defend in doubles and also how to communicate and work well with partners.

Playing against higher standard players also benefited me as I saw what shot they were winning most of the points on so that I can hopefully improve on it for future tournaments. It was also very helpful having the U17 national coach there to give feedback and areas for improvement after watching a few of my games.

My goals are to be selected into the 2018 Victorian U17 team and to make at least quarters in all events at the JB carnival. Hopefully I can do this as I keep improving on my singles and practice with my partners.

It was a pleasure to be part of the Victorian Team which came 3rd place in the June Bevan Trophy and I recommend it to any junior players that are thinking about nominating but aren’t sure yet. It is a good goal to aim for as it is difficult but realistic and the reward of taking part far outweighs the struggle of getting selected.


Victorian Rebels defeated Mainland NZ, 11 - 5 for third place.

For team scores:

For full individual events results:

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