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Archives: Australian Youth Olympic Games

2006 - Sydney AUS

BAV players Boris Ma, Erica Pong, Louise McKenzie and Olivia Na are competing for Australia at the Youth Olympic Games in Sydney which will be finishing tomorrow.

16 sports included badminton are in the program at the Youth Olympic Festival this time.

Countries who are competing for badminton at the Games: China, Malaysia, Singapore, Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia, Oceania and Fiji.

There are two pools consists of number of teams.

Team - BAV players in bold

Australia Gold (under 19 team)

Boys: Boris Ma, Kenny Ng, Samuel Ho Girls: Erica Pong, Leanna Choo, Louise McKenzie

Australia Green (under 15 team) Boys: Leslie Yau, Matthew Wilson, Mitchell Wheller Girls: Olivia Na, Nicole David, Tara Pilven

Team Event Results

The draw was separated into two groups (A & B).

Group A, final placing of the team events 1. China 2. Malaysia 3. Singapore 4. Great Britain 5. Australia Gold 6. New Zealand 1

Group B, final placing of the teams events 1. New Zealand 2 2. Australia Green 3. Oceania 4. Fiji

Individual Results - BAV players in bold

Boys Singles 1st round: Boris Ma vs Victor Tran = 21-8, 21-13 2nd round: Boris Ma vs Oliver Leydon-Davies (New Zealand) = 21-13, 15-21, 21-14 Quarter: Boris Ma vs Yongzhao Ashton Chen (China) = 12-21, 16-21

Womens Singles 1st round: Olivia Na vs Ting Ting Tng (Singapore) = 7-21, 7-21 2nd round: Erica Pong vs Stephanie Cheng (New Zealand) = 21-10, 21-8 Quarter: Erica Pong vs Michelle Cheung (Great Britain) = 12-21, 10-21

Mixed Doubles 1st round: Boris Ma/Erica Pong vs Marcus Ellis/Samantha Ward = 13-21, 17-21

Womens Doubles 1st round: Erica/Olivia vs Jessica/Mary O’Connor (NZL) = 21-14, 17-21, 6-21

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