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2008 - Pune, India

Boris Ma, Victoria Na and Kashmira Gobinathan are going to represent Australia at the Youth Commonwealth Games in India, October this year.

The Youth Games is for an under19 athletes in Commonwealth countries, featuring sports such as swimming, athletics, gymnastics, badminton, etc.

Four boys and girls were selected to represent badminton in the Games, those other players are: Brendan Chu (WSBA), Eddie Hung (WA), Nathan David (Ballarat), Leanne Choo (SA) and Tara Pilven (Ballarat).

Well done to Boris, Vicky and Kashmira, hopefully other BAV players will get inspired by them and follow their footsteps in the future.

Team - BAV players in bold


Boys: Boria Ma (VIC), Brendan Chu (VIC), Eddie Hung (WA), Nathan David (VIC)

Girls: Kashmira Gobinathan (VIC), Leanne Choo (SA), Tara Pilven (VIC), Victoria Na (VIC)


2004 - Bendigo, AUS

Team - BAV players in bold


Boys: Jeff Tho (VIC), Raymond Tam (NSW), Tiger Chen (WA)

Girls: Erica Pong (VIC), Erin Caroll (VIC), Sue-Li Hong (WA)

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