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Archives: VJTC and RJTC 2005

REGIONAL TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS (28/08/2005) BAV and MDBA players have successfully won the under 13, 15, 17 & 19 age groups yesterday at MSAC.

After struggling on the beginning of the match versus Western Region, the under 13 team finally managed to pull out to win the team events. The under 15 team won comfortably, as well as the under 17 and 19 teams.

The list of the team members are below:

Under 13 Boys: Clifford Gan, Matthew Chau, Hu-Wen Chew, Johannes A-Lee, Rithvik Pendyala & his little brother. Girls: Su-Yiin Lai, Madeline Lucas, Jasmine Wong & Melissa Lee.

Under 15 Boys: Andrew Paulet, Jonathan Wong, Winner Tanaka, Pierce Lucas & Michael Lim. Girls: Olivia Na, Chiu-Pin Ho, On (Thippawan), Samantha & Serena Chew.

Under 17 Boys: Boris Ma, Jonathan Chim, Timothy Chau, Nicolas Ong & Leon Wong. Girls: Victoria Na, Erica Pong, Teh Quor-Hui, Elise Anderson & Nong (Kornpetch).

Under 19 Boys: Luke Chong & Einstein Tanaka. Girls: Shan Lim & Eugenia Tanaka.



Badminton Academy of Victoria/Mountain District Badminton Association players won the Regional team events in all age categories (under 11, 13, 15 & 17).

BAV team members Under 11 team 1 Boys: Hu-Wen Chew & Teh Quor-Liung Girls: Vinning Mak & Jasmine Wong

Under 11 team 2 Boys: Dominic Huang & Samuel Wong Girls: Madeline Lucas & Jacintha A-Lee

Under 13 team Boys: Clifford Gan, Matthew Chau, Johannes A-Lee Girls: Olivia Na, Louisa Ma, Su-Yiin Lai

Under 15 team Boys: Andrew Paulet, Winner Tanaka, Jonathan Wong, Christopher Gan Girls: Teh Quor-Hui, Teh Quor-Ten

Under 17 team Boys: Einstein Tanaka, Saliya Gunaratne, Boris Ma, Timothy Chau & Calvin Gan Girls: Victoria Na, Su-Ching Ong, Elise Anderson

Well done all.

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