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Archives: World Junior Championships

2009 - Alor Setar, Malaysia

Team - BAV players in bold


Boys: Ashwant Gobinathan, Brendan Chu, Eddie Hung, Nathan David

Girls: Leanne Choo, Louisa Ma, Tara Pilven, Victoria Na

2007 - Auckland, New Zealand

Team - BAV players in bold


Boys: Boris Ma, Jonathan Cracknell, Kelvin Yuen, Kenny Ng

Girls: Leanne Choo, Louise McKenzie, Victoria Na

2006 - Incheon, South Korea

Team - BAV players in bold


Boys: Boris Ma, Einstein Tanaka, Jeff Tho, Saliya Gunaratne

Girls: Ann Slee, Erica Pong, Leanne Choo, Victoria Na

Announced yesterday at MSAC after the under 23 test events between AUS vs New Zealand team, 5 BAV players have been selected to represent Australia at the World Junior Championship.

Einstein Tanaka, Boris Ma, Saliya Gunaratne, Erica Pong and Victoria Na will be going to Korea in November. The Australian team consists of 4 boys and 4 girls. Jeff Tho (from Bendigo, now is member of AUS national squad player), Leanne Choo (South Australia) and Ann-Slee (Western Suburb) are the other three remaining players in the team.

They also announced the Australian team for the Pan Pacific games in Queensland (September) following the AUS international and AUS under 19 international tournament.

Good luck all and prepare well for the big tournament.

Lenny Permana

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