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Geelong Junior 2013 Results

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Hi all

Geelong Junior Results

Congratulations to all our players who won the tournaments on whether in under 11, 13, 15, 17 and 19.

Well done to everyone on their good performances in 2 days tournaments in such a hot day particularly on Sunday.

Thank you for all BAV parents who supported their children and other BAV players during the tournament.

Results are as follows:

Under 11

BS winner: Gary Chau, runners up: Geoffrey Jap (WSBA)

BD winner: Otto Zhau/Andrew Lee; runners up: Gary Chau/Geoffrey Jap

No GS, GD or MX

Under 13

GS winner: Irene Chau, runners up: Angela Yu

BS winner: Ross Audley (WSBA), runners up: Ryan Venpin

GD winner: Tiann Young/Ryan Venpin; runners up: Irene Chau/Makayla Turner

BD winner: Ross Audley/Jack Yu, runners up: Ryan Venpin/Marcus Kong

XD winner: Ross Audley/Tiann Young, runners up: Ryan Venpin/Angela Yu

Under 15 (selection event)

Boys Singles

Final: David Chin vs David Kang = 21-11 21-11

Semi-1: David Chin vs Edward Ma = 21-19 21-16

Semi-2: David Kang vs David Lee = 21-13 21-16

Quarter-1: David Chin vs Wiliam Chau = 21-9 21-10

Quarter-2: Edward Ma vs Charlie Jap = 20-22 21-9 21-10

Quarter-3: David Lee vs Elton Zhang = 21-7 21-18 21-14

Quarter-4: David Kang vs Felix Wang = 21-19 21-7

Girls Singles

Final: Samantha Lee vs Chloe Chen = 18-21 21-18 21-18

Semi (only 1 semi): Samantha Lee vs Catherine Mashalidis (WSBA) = 21-10 21-17

Mixed Doubles

Final: David Chin/Chloe Chen vs William Chau/Amy Young = 21-15 18-21 21-14

Semi (only 1 semi): Wiliam Chau/Amy Young vs Oscar Jap/Catherine Mashalidis (WSBA) = 21-19 21-19

Under 17 (well done to Teresa Chan on winning 3 events, although is NON selection event)

GS winner: Teresa Chan, runners up: Kyle Guo

BS winner: Jacob Schueler, runners up: Elijah Dale; lost in semi: Ben Hudono

GD winner: Teresa Chan/Rhianna McLeod, runners up: Erica Cochran/Kyle Guo

BD winner: Jacob Schueler/Elijah Dale, runners up: Ben Hudono/Aaron Kishen Chandran

XD winner: Jacob Schueler/Teresa Chan, runners up: Elijah Dale/Kyle Guo

Under 19 (selection event) - well done Athi on winning the 2 events.

Good job for some of the players who started playing again after completing their year 12.

Boys Singles

Final: Athi Selladurai vs Eric Vuong (WSBA) = 19-21 21-8 15-5 (retired)

Semi-1: Athi Selladurai vs Edwin Luk = 21-17 22-20

Semi-2: Eric Vuong vs Matt Nevett (Ballarat) = 21-18 19-21 22-20

Quarter-1: Athi - bye

Quarter-2: Edwin Luk vs Mitchell Gervasoni (Ballarat) = 21-9 21-12

Quarter-3: Matt Nevett vs Gavin Ho = 21-18 21-17

Quarter-4: Eric Vuong vs Anthony Wong (SEBA) = 16-21 21-9 21-12

Girls Singles

Final: Alice Wu vs Joy Lai = 13-21 21-19 21-9

Semi-1: Joy Lai vs Ruwindi Serasinghe (SEBA) = 21-12 21-10

Semi-2: Alice Wu vs Janice Au = 21-18 21-15

Quarter (one only): Janice Au vs Teresa Chan = 21-10 21-18

Boys Doubles Final: Athi Selladurai/Eric Vuong vs Arthavan Srithar/Edwin Luk = 21-16 21-18

Semi (one only): Arthavan/Edwin vs Anthony Wong/Raymond Sing = 22-20 21-16

Girls Doubles

Final: Gronya Somerville/Natasha Sharp vs Joy Lai/Jennifer Trinh = 21=14 21-13

Semi (one only): Joy/Jennifer vs Janice Au/Alice Lorinz = 21-8 21-9

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