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BAV club committee: Monica Chen

Updated: May 10

Meet Monica!

She started as a student training at BAV Academy during her high school days and later joined the club committee in 2021.

Her commitment and dedication to the club and sport has been inspiring and we appreciate her A LOT. I, Victoria would not be able to run this club as confidently without her support.

She has been kind enough to share her experience with you all.

Thank you Monica!

Want to get involved?

Let us know by emailing us at

Humble Beginnings

I have been a part of BAV since 2018 when I was 15 years old. Before that, badminton was never on my mind. In fact, I didn’t even own a racquet and used my friend’s racquet for the first month of joining. Until one day, he didn't come to the lesson and I had to borrow the coach's racquet. I was embarrassed.

As you could tell, badminton was very unfamiliar to me. I went to Rebel Sport and got myself a $40 racquet with string that utterly refused to snap. It never did and my coach had to cut and restring them for me. The racquet didn't matter to me at the time. I was more focused on learning the basics until I found out that the string were supposed to snap cleanly and not flake off like pieces of plastic.

How I found BAV club

So how did I find out about BAV? It was through a friend from high school who mentioned it in class one day. I thought I'd try it out and never looked back. In the first few lessons, it was enjoyable, especially the physicality of it as I had a background in track and field. It started with training once a week which I ended up meeting a lot of new friends and participating in tournaments that I would not consider at all if it wasn't for my involvement in BAV.

Looking back, I am grateful to have played in those tournaments even though I was still developing my skills and didn't get the results I hoped for. I was fortunate enough to travel to Bendigo and Ballarat to represent BAV team all with the help of my coach and BAV club. Totally smashed it... in the net that is. But despite all that, it was a good experience and got to form closer friendships with my team mates. Shout out to James for getting me into badminton! Also to all my doubles partners!

My Mentor and Companion

Vicky's generosity to offer and travel with her students to tournaments was what made it all possible. Moreover, her coaching style was uplifting and positive. She strive to bring out the best in her students and catered to what each student needs. This has been helpful to know that she was reliable and dedicated to her students. There have been many occasions where badminton was frustrating and she was there to help.

It's a journey of self-development for any badminton player and it has been a turbulent roller coaster ride for me, even now to this day as a young adult. Back when I was a teenager, my attitude wasn't great and I often forget that Vicky is an Olympian and me... in a match about to outsmarted and shuttlecock-ed on. So, I am grateful that Vicky has been able to tolerate me.

Joining BAV club has given me more confidence to enter tournaments without worrying about the outcome. I had a score of 4-30 one time (true story). I've learnt a lot from my badminton journey, this applying off the court too.

Although I am no longer an active badminton player, being part of BAV club committee has given me more appreciation on a lot of things. Being behind the lens, I now see the amount of effort gets put into the club whether that's merchandise and designing it, hosting events, brainstorming ideas, managing finances, pretty much all of the responsibilities has been an eye-opener.

Being a part of BAV club has definitely played a huge role in my fitness journey and making my dreams possible. Leading on to the next part of my BAV adventure!

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