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BAV Junior 2014 Thank You

On behalf of BAV coaches, I would like to thank all committee members on their great works and support prior to BAV Junior and all your helped on the day (Iwan, Daniel, Kevin, Thye-Seng, Peter So, Tien and Leo Tai).

Special thanks to our past committee members: Eddie and Peter Phan on your on going support and sacrifice your time again to help this year.

We could have not done it without all your support.

I would like to thank all the parents who supported their children and encourage them to play on the day, plus all the parents who helped in the tournament whether being an umpire, court marshals, anything: Krystel Venpin, Ida, Kanny Lai, Daniel Lee, Michelle, Stephanie and Chay Ea, Katie, Geert, Johnny Lin, Awan, Michael Phan, Quor-Hui, Shireen.

And our coaches: Kobeng, Agus, Saliya, Ashwant, Vicky, Louisa, Andrew He who came and helped to coach the kids on Saturday and Sunday.

Oh yes, to Jenny Ting, on her help in encouraging under 9 and 11 players, good job Jenny.

Lenny Permana

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