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BAV Junior & Regional Teams event

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Hi all

BAV TEAMS for REGIONAL TEAM EVENTS (19th AUGUST 2012) BAV teams for the Regional team events will be announced soon, most players who have replied to us in regards to your availability will have to fulfil the requirement to train on the last 2 Sundays: 29th July and 12th August as there will be BAV Junior on the 5th August, so won't be any training for Sundays group on the 5th August.

If anyone can't make it on those two sessions, please let us know in advance particularly if anyone has any injury.

Some of the boys in under 13 and under 15 will have to play in the trial to determine the last few players into the teams.

We can confirm that 3 boys from under 13 will be playing in the trial starts at 1.30 pm. We haven't confirmed the trial date for the under 15 boys.

The training will be started at 1pm for the 1st group and 2pm for the next group. Players who are NOT playing in the trial, please stay in within the group starting time.

The trial purpose is to select the last few players we need for under 13 and 15 boys, but not the ranking, as the team events involve singles, doubles and mixed ranking.

The ranking for the tournament in singles, doubles and mixed will only be determined after the completion of training on the 12th August (Sunday) training. Thus it is very important for us to see everyone on the last 2 Sundays particularly those who haven't been coming regularly for training so BAV coaches and committee matches will be able to see your condition; then we can decide the ranking accordingly in singles, doubles and mixed.

BAV JUNIOR (5th AUGUST 2012) - below is the letter from BAV committees Dear members and parents,

The following are names of volunteers who have committed to helping out at our fourth coming tournament on Sunday 5th of August:-

Daniel Lee, Susan Phan, and Michael Phan for umpiring;

Luke Chong, Saliya Gunaratne and Ashwant Gobinathan as coaches assisting Lenny on the day;

Soak Chua, Suann (Eddie Luk's mother), Kashmira, and May Ng-tentatively as court marshal;

Rojini as announcer and helping out in the control room;

Simon as official photographer;

Most of our committees will be working in the central office with some helping out and expediting on court usage/results/players, etc.

We would like a few more volunteers, especially someone with first-aid skill, please contact us if you can help out.

We will have a quick briefing session for all those who are new to the tournament at about 4:30 on Sunday.

BAV JUNIOR 5th AUGUST 2012 ENTRIES & DRAWS We have uploaded the entries of the 2012 BAV Junior Tournament to the web, draws will be available soon on the same link. Please make sure to check your entries, and if there is any problem, please call Eddie. Draws will be performed at Kilsyth this Sunday at 1.30 pm. Anyone who are interested in to witness the draws being done, please approach Eddie this Sunday.

Lenny Permana

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