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BAV Open & Graded 2023

October 7th - Open

October 8th - B & C Grade

Kilsyth Badminton Centre, Kilsyth VIC

Day 1 Results:

Open Men's Singles Winner - Adam Dolman

Open Men's Singles Runner Up - Tianyi Zeng

Open Women's Singles Winner - Audrey Ho

Open Women's Singles Runner Up - Victoria Na

Open Men's Doubles Winners - Jayden Lim & Raja Hasnain

Open Men's Doubles Runner Ups - Mohd Zhafran Aziz Mirza & Wilson Wee Sen To

Open Women's Doubles Winners - Bethany Li & Sarah Ung

Open Women's Doubles Runner Ups - Jasmine Wong & Megan Li

Open Mixed Doubles Winners - Yuelin Zhang & Raja Hasnain

Open Mixed Doubles Runner Ups - Audrey Ho & Mohd Zhafran Aziz Mirza

Day 2 Results:

B Grade Men's Singles Winner - Yuhao Shen

B Grade Men's Singles Runner Up - Clement Zhu

C Grade Men's Singles Winner - Haoxuan Xia

C Grade Men's Singles Runner Up - Leo Xu

C Grade Men's Doubles Winners - Branden Watt & Salang Kang

C Grade Men's Doubles Runner Up - Hamish Tiwari & Leo Xu

Click here for full results.

Thank you everyone for participating.

Thank you to Monica Chen, our tournament director, Cynthia our referee, our umpires Marg, Jie and Jennifer, Glenda and Sue at the canteen.

We look forward to hosting again next year.

Click here for photos.

BAV Badminton Club

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