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BAV Players representing Australia

Our senior players will be heading to Ballarat to play the Oceania championship, starting with the team events on the 12-15 February 2014.

All the best to the AUS team and our players who are going to play at the tournament:

Ashwant Gobinathan, Luke Chong, Matthew Chau, Athi Selladurai, Andrew Paulet, Louisa Ma, Kashmira Gobinathan and Joy Lai.

The tournament will also be broadcast live for the first time on the 14-15 Feb at:

We also would like to congratulate our players on making into 2014 Badminton AUS national team (announced at Badminton AUS website officially): Ashwant Gobinathan, Matthew Chau and Joy Lai.

All the best once again for all our players and will be following the results and hope to see some of the action on broadcast.

Lenny Permana

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