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BV Junior Circuit 4 hosted by BAV Club

We did it!

Despite the lockdowns, we managed to run our second junior tournament for the year.

We would like to thank the committee for their time and work behind the scenes:

Ian Johnson (President)

Kevin Widarja (Vice President)

Natalie Tan (Secretary)

Victoria Na (Treasurer)

Chay Ea

Chris Soendjaja

Odette Wan

Yvette D'Oliveiro

Also our volunteers who helped out with match control, umpiring and set up: Aryan Jhade

Ava Le

Bella Ea

Hong Yang Quah

James Guo

Joshua Ea

Nithik Vijayanand

Sophia Jing

Also thank you to our sponsor Badminton RSL Products in supplying the shuttlecocks and raffle prizes and our tournament officials:

Susan Taylor (Referee)

Chaithanyn Madhyastha (Umpire)

Kathryn Blencowe (Umpire)

Kenny Yew (Umpire)

Margaret Anderson (Umpire)

Richard Wong (Umpire)

Ru-Wen Clarnette (Umpire)

You can see the full results here.

Photos on our Facebook page.

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