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Financial Report 2022

We thank the following members for their contribution to BAV Club:

Ian Johnson, Chris Soendjaja, Chay Ea, Yvette D’Oliveiro, Kevin Widarja and Odette Wan

And welcome the following members, accepting their role earlier this year:

Monica Chen, E-Gene Chew and James Guo

Our goal in 2022:

We were determined for BAV Club to grow financially as we wanted to be able to support members in badminton by providing affordable lessons or providing financial aid for members representing BAV and/or Australia at tournaments.

Income from Jan 2022 to Dec 2022:

This year, we provided more incentives for players to take up membership. These included new merchandise and free restringing service, additional to what we have already implemented 2021:

  • Entry fees covered to events hosted by BAV Club

  • Subsidized training lessons at BAV Academy

  • Free holiday lessons

It was also the year we spent the most.

Expenses from Jan 2022 to Dec 2022:

Members should receive the full report by Monday Jan 23rd 2023.

In the mean time, please let us know how we did in 2022 in the survey here.

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