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Lenny Permana: Indonesia Trip 2005 Journal

I am currently in Indonesia. So hot down here compare with the winter weather in Melbourne. Two days ago, we went to the Indonesian National Training Centre.

We saw lots of the Indonesian players training in there. Exciting. We met Hendrawan..former world champion. Sigit Budiarto, Joko Suprianto and the Olympic Gold Medallist: Taufik Hidayat. Also many more younger players whom I don’t know who are they already. It bring up my memory when I was there as a player. I took Kean Meng walked around the training centre. The dormitory, dining hall, etc.

There is international junior and senior tournament while I am here, so I take this opportunity to watch some of the junior players. It is interesting to see a lot of Indonesian junior players especially after so long I haven’t been back and watch this sort of competition. Juniors and seniors players from all the big clubs in Indonesia and overseas are coming to play in this tournament. Karen Foo-Kune currently is training in Indonesia for the period of three weeks. I met her as well there while watching the tournament. I was happy because I met some of my team mates in there, so it is like some kind of reunion. Some of them are coaching junior players as well now.

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