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Regional Teams Event 2012 Recap

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Hi all

BAV teams won all age groups again at yesterday Regional team events championship in under 11, 13, 15, 17 & 23.

Well done to all BAV players who played well and put up good performances.

I have put some photos on our "Badminton Academy of Victoria" facebook account:

Special thanks to all the team parents who helped as team managers on the day and everyone else who supported the teams; all the other players who didn't participate in the team events as you guys also help all the other players during training.

Without everyone contribution, it is impossible that we can clean sweep for the many years at this team events.

On behalf of BAV coaches, I also would like personally thanked our committee members who helped to organise the teams prior to the team events.

Now we can move on and looking forward to prepare for more individual junior tournaments in the rest of 2012.

Oh yes one more thing, training this week will be as usual: Tuesday & Thursday plus Sunday will be 1pm for the 1st group and 2 pm for the 2nd group.

Once again, with or without any team events, we hope that all our players will train consistently and achieve their individual goals in this sport.

Lenny Permana

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