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RJTC 2013: BAV Team Trials

Hi all

Trials on 14/7/2013 to select players to play for BAV at the Regional Junior Teams event on the 25th August 2013; these 2 age groups will be playing this Sunday, and the players need to play in the trials are:


Boys: Gary Chau, Faris Truong, Jordan Yang and Ethan Ea (we will select 3 out of the 4 boys)

Girls: Elim Tai, Kaitlyn Ea and Aareni Haritharan (we would like the girls to play as part of the practices) - the 3 girls will be in the team for under 11.


Girls: Jenny Ting, Sasha Lim, Vivian Diep, Carmen Lim and Anjali Haritharan (we will select 3-4 girls to play for the under 15 team)

All the rest of the age groups don't need to play in the trial and players will be announced shortly after the completion of the trials.

In any case anyone is unable to play this Sunday, please let me know ASAP and there is no other trial replacement.

Format of the trials:

  • Everyone plays singles against each other (1 set of 21 points NO setting for under 11 and 1 set of 25 points NO setting for under 15 girls)

  • Everyone plays doubles partner with each other if time permits (1 set 21 points NO setting and 1 set up to 25 points NO setting for under 15 girls).

After the completion of trials, BAV match committees and coaches will select as per above.

Lenny Permana

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