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Support Louisa Ma - BAV's Falcon Represent

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Hey BAV members

National player BAV's Louisa Ma will be competing at Nationals in hopes for selection to be part of the Australian Badminton Commonwealth Games team.

The event will be held from Sunday April 10th to Good Friday April 15th at Bendigo Eaglehawk Badminton Stadium.

April 10th - 12th: Clendinnen Shield teams event. Go support VIC Smashers team!

April 13th - 15th: National Championships

In support of Louisa Ma, we will be giving away tickets to the event.

The types of tickets available are as follows:

Adult One Day or Multi-Day Pass

Concession One Day

Send us a message for tickets or for more information go to the events page here.

Tickets will only be given to 2022 club members. Sign up now!

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