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Thank You Everyone

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Hi everyone

BAV end of the year party last Sunday

On behalf of BAV and coaches, I would like to say thank you for everyone who come and support us on whether played the matches or joined the dinner.

I would like to personally thank you to particularly to Peter and Eddie who prepared most of the things prior to the party yesterday, and to all who have contributed a lot to our club this year:

President: Wolfgang Zopf

Vice president: S. Gobinathan

Treasurer: Kanny Lai

Secretary: Peter Phan

Committee members: Eddie Chan, Kenneth Chan, Brendan Tang, Kobeng Na and myself

Thank you to all the parents and players who played the matches, helped to prepare and to clean up and brought some food and everyone else who came yesterday.

And to our newest Olympian, Vicky Na on contributed some of her clothing from London Olympic 2012, obviously to Kobeng (Badminton RSL Products) and our association, BAV Inc. on the raffles prizes.

Thank you to all the parents who trust us to coach and train their kids over the years; as without parents and players support over the years.

Also thank you to all our senior players and coaches who have have helped to coach and develop BAV younger players this year: Kobeng Na, Agus Maryanto, Thye-Seng Teh, Foong-Meng Cheah, Saliya Gunaratne, Erica Pong, Boris Ma, Luke Chong, Ashwant Gobinathan, Brendan Tang, Victoria Na, Olivia Na, Louisa Ma, Wilson Tang and Ron Chau who is also working at Badminton Victoria.

BAV Club is proud of everyone's achievements.


We are also proud to announce that one of our player, Matthew Chau who just completed his year 12 and played yesterday, is selected by Badminton AUS to represent the Junior AUS team 1 at the 2013 Youth Olympics in Sydney. And also to Joy Lai to get into team 2.

Congratulations to Matthew and Joy and please prepare well and train hard for the tournament.

And of course to Athi Selladurai on his 2nd time made it into AUS World Junior team this year in Japan and last year in Taiwan.

Congratulations and well done to all our players who have done well this year by making and represented the VIC State teams in:

Under 19

Joy Lai, Athi Selladurai, Wilson Tang, Michael Phan

Under 17

Joy Lai, Janice Au, Joanne Au, Adriana Phan, Andre Zopf, Walter Chung, Eddie Luk, Eric Qi

Under 15

Joy Lai, Teresa Chan, Clara Chen, Samantha Lee, David Kang

Under 13 (to play in Jan 2013)

Nalini Kuhanandha, Irene Chau, Elton Zhang, William Chau, Felix Wang, Jared Song, Aathavan Kuhanandha & Enoch Tai

Lenny Permana

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