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RJTC 2013 Results

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Congratulations to all BAV players who performed well at the Regional Junior Team Championships.

BAV Teams won in under 23, 19, 17, 15 and 13. BAV team 1 in under 11 just lost by close margin against WSBA team in the final round, and the under 11 team 2 came 6th position.  Well done to all our under 11 players.

Special thanks to all BAV coaches, parents who helped and managed the teams on the day and all the players who competed and played well.

Under 11 team 1

Boys: Gary Chau, Joshua Ea, Ethan Ea

Girls: Elim Tai, Kaitlyn Tai, Aareni Haritharan

Under 11 team 2

Boys: Nils Vercruysse, Nicholas Gunawan, Faris Truong, Jordan Yang

Girls: Gloria Li, Bethany Li, Yaalini Kuhanandha, Yee-Yuan Lim

Under 13 team

Boys: Alan Zheng, Enoch Tai, Marcus Kong, Hayden Ting, Jeremy So

Girls: Irene Chau, Katrina Yang, Felicia, Angelique Hendrianto, Cynthia Zhu

Under 15 team

Boys: Edward Ma, William Chau, Elton Zhang, Aathavan Kuhanandha, Jun Nick Choo

Girls: Samantha Lee, Nalini Kuhanandha, Sasha Lim, Vivian Diep, Anjali Haritharan

Under 17 team

Boys: Bambang Hadrisanto, Andre Zopf, Eric Qi, Darshand Gobinathan, Kevin Zhao

Girls: Joy Lai, Adriana Phan, Teresa Chan, Jenny Ting

Under 23 team

Boys: Athi Selladurai, Andrew He, Ding Kang Lewis Wang, Quor-Liung Teh

Girls: Victoria Na, Rojini Selladurai and Michelle Leung

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