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VJTC 2013: BAV Team Trials

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Hi all

After discussion with other coaches and match committees; we have decided to do the following:

UNDER 11 AND 13 TEAMS - no trial is necessary; however please come this Sunday 14/4; to play some matches and practice with your team mates as well as training on most Sundays prior to the team events.

UNDER 15, 17 and 23 - there will be trial this coming Sunday starts at 1pm for some players. For those players who are selected to get straight into the teams; you will be playing some matches as well to practice.

For under 15 and 17, we will select 5 Boys with a 6th as emergency, who may not play at all if no last minutes injury or other unforeseen circumstances.

The results of all the matches and trials will be used to determine your position (rankings) in the team depending on team's strategies and what is best for the team.

Below are the lists of players:


Boys: Austin Swamy, Gary Chau, maybe 1 more boy (to be confirmed)

Girls: Irene Chau, Elim Tai & Aareni Haritharan


Boys: Enoch Tai, Ryan Venpin, Marcus Kong, Hayden Ting & Aaron Ng

Girls: Cynthia Zhu, Felicia Muljawan Hendriato, Katrina Yang, Carmen Lim, maybe one more girl (to be confirmed)


Boys: Edward Ma, William Chau, Elton Zhang (will go straight into the team).

Boys who have to play in the trials (will choose 3 boys, 2 will go into the team and 1 as an emergency): Darshand Gobinathan, Aathavan Kuhanandha, Simon Zheng, Arvin K Mogan, Jeffrey Fan

Girls: Samantha Lee, Nalini Kuhanandha, Jenny Ting, Kristina Yang, Anjali Haritharan


Boys: Bambang Hadrisanto, Andre Zopf, Eric Qi, Simon Ou

Boys need to play in the trials: Ben Hudono, Wesley Kong & Terrence Lau (we will select 2 players from the trial, 1 will go into the team and 1 player as an emergency).

Girls: Joy Lai, Adriana Phan, Teresa Chan & 1 more girl (to be confirmed)

UNDER 23 (will put 2 teams)

The top 2 players will go to 1st team together with Ashwant and Vicky, the other 3 will go to 2nd team and 1 emergency.

Boys are: Athi Selladurai, Andrew He, Dingkang Wang, Andrew Paulet, Wilson Tang and Brendan Tang

Girls are: Kashmira Gobinathan, Olivia Na, Rojini Selladurai, Kelly Venpin & Michelle Leung

Lenny Permana

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