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VJTC 2014: BAV Teams

WHEN: August 24th 2014 STARTING TIME: usually 8.45 sharp, please be there 30 mins earlier to warm up and make sure stick in one place with all your team members.

VENUE: MSAC, Albert Park

UNDER 11 TEAM 1 (2 boys and 3 girls)

Team manager: Stephanie Ea

Boys: Joshua Ea and Gary Chau

Girls: Gloria Li, Bethany Li and Yee-Yuan Lim

UNDER 11 TEAM 2 (4 boys and 2 girls)

Team manager: Ida Ma/Tien Truong

Boys: Ethan Ea, Jordan Yang, Faris Truong, Nils Vercruysse

Girls: Isabella Ea and Serena Lin

UNDER 11 TEAM 3 (3 boys and 1 girls at the moment)

Team manager: Peter So

Boys: Vincent Chen, Andrew So and Nathan So

Girls: Kishen Lew and one more girl (TBA)

UNDER 13 (5 boys and 5 girls)

Team manager: Daniel Venpin

Boys: Ryan Venpin, Jeremy So, Hayden Ting, Austin Swamy and Kijen Lew

Girls: Felicia Muljawan Hendrianto, Kaitlyn Ea, Elim Tai, Anthea Ng and Le-Ann Lim

UNDER 15 (5 boys and 5 girls)

Team manager: Rosa

Boys: Edward Ma, William Chau, Elton Zhang, Maxwell Hendrianto and Akhsat Ragade

Girls: Irene Chau, Sasha Lim, Carmen Lim, Katrina Yang and Serena Ng

UNDER 19 (4 boys and 3 girls)

Team manager: TBA

Boys: Athi Selladurai, Michael Phan, Walter Chung and Darshand Gobinathan

Girls: Adriana Phan, Claudia Candra and Jenny Ting

Lenny Permana

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