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Under 13 Tri Series and Regional Teams Challenge

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

The under 13 Tri Series, Regional Team Challenge and Australian individual Championship which started in 2007, thanks to WSBA on organising this event; was completed last week on Friday and Saturday January 16 & 17.

The format of the team events are 3 boys and girls singles; 3 boys and girls doubles (total 12 matches).  There is no mixed doubles play on this event and the individual championship.

Congratulations to Victorian team 1 (Ryan Venpin, Ross Audley, Otto Zhao, Jack Yu, Irene Chau, Angela Yu, Tiann Young and Kaitlyn Ea) on winning the Tri Series trophy; defeated NSW Lightning (12-0), Territory (12-0), Victoria 2 (12-0) and NSW Thunder (10-2).

Well done and good job to all players in Victorian team 2 (Jeremy So, Austin Swamy, Joshua Ea, Ryan Venpin, Sydney Go, Anthea Ng, Fiona Le and Latisha Ga) came 4th position out of 5 teams competed for the Tri Series.  Defeated NSW Lightning 8-4, Victoria 1 (0-12), NSW Thunder (4-8) and Territories (3-9).

At the Regional Team Challenge, BAV team (Kalana, Liam, Kijen, Garren, Elim, Gloria, Bethany and Yee-Yuan) came runners up lost to PBA 5-7 after defeated: WSBA Gold (8-4), WSBA Silver (12-0), WSBA Blue (12-0), NSW Dash (12-0).  Good effort on all the players who played in BAV team, thanks to Ashwant Gobinathan and Adam on your help on the day.

I would like to say thank you to all the parents support on the day and through out the entire tournament, special thanks to Krystel Venpin on helping to manage Victorian team 1, Kenny, Jane, Duc and Margaret.  Hope the kids enjoyed the carnival.

Click here for results.

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