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Archives: State Pennant 2005/6

State Pennant -A Grade- 2006

This year State Pennant ‘A’ Grade is going to be held in 2 Saturdays at Springers (18th February & 4th March 2006). There will be 2 sessions each time (11 am & 2.30 pm). The format will be 1 men singles, 1 women singles, 2 mixed doubles, 2 womens doubles & 2 mens doubles.

The team members from BAV who are going to play this year State Pennant are: Boys: Luke Chong, Einstein Tanaka, Saliya Gunaratne & Boris Ma. Girls: Eugenia Tanaka, Shan Lim, Erica Pong & Victoria Na.

Some players from BAV also are going to join with the Monash players to form another team: Monash BAV. Those who are going to play for Monash BAV are: Andrew Paulet, Leon Wong and Kashmira Gobinathan.

Another team is coming under REBELS which consists of the under 17 players who are going to represent the Victorian State team at the June Bevan carnival this year in Perth. (Jonathan Chim, Victor Brooker, Jack Burgess, Teh Quor-yen, Danielle Gervasoni, Teh Quor-hui, Chiu-pin Ho & Olivia Na).

The draw are as follows: Section 1 1. Badminton Academy of Victoria (BAV) 2. UB West Vic Academy (Ballarat) 3. Monash BAV 4. Melbourne University Blues

Section 2 5. SEBA Shuttlebugs 6. WSBA 7. Melbourne University Black 8. Victorian under 17 team (REBELS)

2006 STATE PENNANT RESULTS 18/02/06 – 1st session BAV vs West Vic (Ballarat) = 8-0 Monash BAV vs Melbourne Uni Blues = 3-5 REBELS vs Melbourne Uni Black = 0-8

18/02/06 – 2nd session BAV vs Monash BAV = 8-0 REBELS vs WSBA = 3-5

4/03/06 – 1st session BAV vs Melbourne Uni Blues = 8-0 Monash BAV vs West Vic (Ballarat) = REBELS vs SEBA Shuttlebugs = 1-7

4/03/06 – 2nd session (final placing) BAV vs Melbourne Uni Black = 8-0 Monash BAV vs WSBA = 4-4 (lost by points) REBELS vs West Vic (Ballarat) = 5-3

Team ranking after final sessions 1. BAV 2. Melbourne Uni Black 3. Melbourne Uni Blues 4. SEBA Shuttlebugs 5. WSBA 6. Monash BAV 7. REBELS 8. West Vic (Ballarat)


State Pennant -A Grade- 2005

Badminton Academy of Victoria players won the ‘A’ grade State Pennant in 2005.

The team members were: Men: Kobeng Na, Luke Chong, Boris Ma and Einstein Tanaka. Women: Foong-Meng Cheah, Eugenia Tanaka, Erica Pong, Victoria Na.

The team played against Western Suburb Badminton Associations (WSBA), Monash Badminton Club, Melbourne University Badminton Club, South East Badminton Association (SEBA), Victorian DEVILS, Victorian DEMONS and Ballarat Badminton Association.

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