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Draw for 2012 BAV Junior Tournament

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Hi all

The draws for BAV Juniors are available at:


Starting Time: 9 am sharp. Please be there at least 30 mins earlier to warm up as once all the matches are played, will be very hard to find courts to have a hit.

When entering the court for your match, please bring spare rackets, towel and water bottle as you will not allow to go out from the court by the time the match has started.

Upon on your arrival, please go to the designated courts straight away and make sure to check your schedules every time you are going to leave the courts particularly if it will be more than 20 mins.

A reminder that there will be NO training for Sunday morning group this Sunday the 5th August. Training will be resumed as usual next Sunday. Anyone who is not participating in this tournament, you are all welcome to watch and support BAV players.


  • Under 11: Courts 4-6

  • Under 13: Courts 1-3

  • Under 17: Courts 9-12


  • All U17 matches are best of 3 games to 21 points with settings.

  • All U13 matches are 1 game to 30 points with no settings.

  • All U11 matches are 1 game to 21 points with no settings.

  • U17 BS & U17 GS are K/Os with consolations. For all other events, qualifications are R/R. For 2 R/R groups, top 2 players of each group cross over in the K/O finals. For 3 R/R groups, top player of each group goes into the final R/R group. For 4 or more groups, top player of each group goes into K/O finals.

  • U11 GD has 4 players with P/R. Players are rotated to partner with each other and play 3 matches in total. Overall statistics will determine winners and runners-up.

  • U11 SD is specially held for the boys who miss out U11 XD (mixed doubles) due to insufficient girls. Medals will be presented to the winners only.


  • U11 - Mixed Doubles/Special Doubles, Singles and then Doubles.

  • U13 - Singles and then Doubles.

  • U17 - Singles and then Doubles.

Note : Lunches/snacks can be purchased from the kitchen within the stadium. Last one we still need some more volunteers for this Sunday tournament. Here is the letter from our committee members (if anyone can help, please let Thye-Seng know by tomorrow):

Dear Parents and Players,

To run a successful tournament, we need sufficient volunteers to help out in various functions:- Umpires, court marshals, central office support, general set up (Saturday 5:30pm) and clean up (Sunday evening when tournament finishes). At this stage we DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH volunteers to guarantee a successful tournament. Could you please contact Thye-Seng and nominate either Saturday or Sunday if you can help.

Thank you for making sure our tournament is a success by volunteering.

BAV Club - Supporting BAV Players

Lenny Permana

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