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SEBA Junior 2014 Results

Congratulations to all the winners and runners up at the tournaments and well done to all our players who played and performed well in the tournaments.

Special thanks to all the parents who helped and support the players and all BAV coaches who went to coach the players at Geelong Junior (Ashwant Gobinathan) and SEBA Junior (Kobeng Na, Ashwant Gobinathan and Saliya Gunaratne).

Very tiring two days tournament.

Keep up the good work everyone.

Below are the results from our players in the tournaments:

SEBA Under 9 combined results

Boys singles winner: Ethan Ea, runners up: Nils Vercruysse

Doubles winner: Ethan Ea/Nils Vercryusse and runners up: Bethany Li/Yee-Yuan Lim

SEBA Under 11 results

Boys singles winner: Joshua Ea and runners up: Gary Chau

Boys doubles winner: Joshua Ea/Gary Chau and runners up: Jordan Yang/Faris Truong

Girls doubles winner: Gloria Li (BAV)/Sydney Go (SEBA)

Mixed doubles winner: Gary Chau/Sydney Go and Joshua Ea/Gloria Li

SEBA Under 15 results (grand prix for VIC selection of under 15 teams)

Boys doubles winner: William Chau/Elton Zhang

Mixed doubles winner: Elton Zhang (BAV)/Angela Yu (SEBA)

Geelong Under 15 results (grand prix for VIC selection of under 15 teams)

Girls doubles winner: Irene Chau (BAV)/Angela Yu (SEBA)

Boys doubles runners up: William Chau/Elton Zhang

Girls singles runners up: Irene Chau

Lenny Permana

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